Are you someone who is proud of their clothing? Someone who takes care of how they look, both professionally and casually?

If so you will naturally have a keen interest in the quality of the cleaning of your clothes receive, ensuring they are treated properly and preserving their quality. In order to achieve these results the cleaning process is both crucial and delicate. A cleaning service that we can deliver for you, delivering results at competitive prices and at your convenience.

We have been providing London with our attention to detail and profession services in Dry Cleaning for 20 years. Over the course of two decades Shirtstream have perfected the methods of cleaning to the highest standards, continuously striving for improvement in our services and technology.

We have built up loyal and growing customer base over this time; they not only come back for the sole reason of the price and the service we provide. Customers come back due to their interest in the way we go about our business as we are able to demonstrate our passion for clothes and the industry.

Shirtstream are able to do all of your regular laundry such as shirts, trousers, suits and dresses. On top of this we also offer cleaning services for household items such as curtains and upholstery as well as wedding dresses and specialist designer wear.