For business or pleasure looking your best is top of the agenda and a shirt in pristine condition can make or break a look.

Taking great care in the cleaning of your shirts is essential to completing any look whether that be in the office or of a weekend. All good shirts deserve the very best attention.

We offer our shirt service and an executive service to go that extra mile.

The shirt service that we offer at Shirtstream is the finest in London. There is no area left untouched when we clean your shirts, paying special attention to the collars and cuffs, bringing stains out before moving onto the main cleaning process.

All of our products are designed to meet the customers exact needs, we offer three levels of starch, light, medium and heavy and if desired no starch at all.

After going through our detailed cleaning process all shirts are inspected thoroughly for quality standard. Nothing leaves Shirtstream and returned to a customer without meeting our high quality standards.

As part of the shirt service all products are hand finished before being prepared for return and packaged.

When it comes to clothes and especially shirts, first impressions are fundamental. Our shirt service ensures that you and your shirt make the desired first impression.