You spend of that time, effort and money arranging that big day and, most importantly, the wedding dress!

To the bride the wedding dress means everything to her on her day that will shape her life to come. So when that day finally arrives and she looks fantastic, what happens to the wedding afterwards? After all it is a dress for that one special day.

Keeping the wedding dress as a memento of the special occasion is the done thing, along with the photographs, presents, honeymoon and of course the marriage itself.

So if you are going to keep the wedding dress it requires cleaning and delicate preservation to ensure quality. It is at this point where Shirtstream’s specialist cleaning to preserve your long lasting memories in your wedding dress.

So much care and attention has gone into the making and preparing of the dress that it requires equal quality and attention when being cleaned.

Our wedding dress cleaning process is carried out by Shirtstream’s experienced staff with a fine eye for detail ensuring that your precious garment is treated with our upmost attention and cleaned to a fine detail.

As with all of our services all garments are thoroughly inspected through our stringent quality assurance inspections. Guaranteeing that your garment is returned to you in impeccable condition to be stored away for safe keeping and treasured memories and also you are receiving market leading service.