Cleaning curtains and loose upholstery can be an arduous task that can take up some time. It is probably something that you should be doing more often but due to the effort will be demoted to bottom of the list.

A good quality clean is a great way of preserving the quality and life of curtains and items of upholstery. The results from freshly cleaned items can be fantastic, refreshing setting of the room and brightening up the atmosphere.

So when you begin to question a room and toy with the idea of changing or decorating, dry clean the curtains and upholstery and watch the refreshing of the atmosphere. Removing the marks and dust of everyday use is a great way of recharging the life of these items.

At Shirtstream we have a team of experts who are able to clean all types of fabric that can help restore your favourite household items, giving them a new lease of life.