Suede and Leather have been to two staples of fashion for decades and continue to grow their presence.

There are no other materials that have had such prolonged success as suede and leather, they are constantly appearing in shops, high streets and magazines. They have been ever present for both men and women.

Everyone remembers their first leather jacket and how long it lasted for; some of you may still have it buried in your wardrobe. On the fashion merry go round when leather has a purge in popularity and there is a buzz around it, when quirky reinventions appear in shops, people rush out to get their fix of leather by purchasing yet another jacket.

But what about the one you have in your wardrobe? What is wrong with that one? Get it out and have it carefully cleaned and restored with our Leather cleaning service.

Cleaning leather properly is a delicate process that requires time and knowledge in order to produce the desired results. Leather and suede contain natural oils and if not taken care of correctly they can ruin the item during the cleaning process. This is where our team of experts have a wealth of experience in handling these materials.

There are many risks associated with cleaning leather and suede garments. These are risks that we are aware and that we have moulded our bespoke cleaning process around in order to avoid them and restore the garment back to its original quality.

Leather jackets are a prised item of the wardrobe so treat it with care and make sure that it is given the special attention it deserves.