At Shirtstream we pride ourselves on providing a high-end personal cleaning service. We go that extra mile to ensure our customers have excellent value for money and then we fit in with their lifestyle in terms of collection and delivery.

But we go further again, on top of our quality of service we are your one-stop shop for anything to do with your clothing in the form of our tailoring services.

Not only do we make it convenient for you to drop your garments off to be cleaned around central London. We also make it convenient to maintain and repair your clothes in the capital by offering a repair and alteration service.

Our team of ten expert tailors are on hand in our stores to cater for all of your tailoring, repair and alteration requirements.

From the smallest of jobs right through to the most complex, our dedicated team will provide you with the best service in the capital guaranteed.

The service ranges as far as replacing a whole garment dependent on the availability of the material. Our bespoke tailoring service is there to replicate any piece of clothing that may be worn or faded. Anything from that favourite suit jacket through to your prized ball gown, if you would like it replaced and measured to make adjustments we are able to tailor it to your needs.

So when you next bring in your dry cleaning, remember that if there is anything that you have put to the bottom of the wardrobe because it no longer fits or an adjustment needs to be made we are able to help you.