In business first impressions are integral. A major element of making the right first impressions is presentation.

Our Corporate Cleaning service is focused on making your company stand out and make the desired impact to staff, clients and customers.

From the top to the bottom, from board and senior management level through to the shop floor and in the office, personal presentation in the shape of clothing and uniforms is integral to making first impressions.

A well turned out company is a successful company. Now the world of business is fiercer than ever after a period of economical turmoil and signs of growth, competition has increased across the board. Ensuring your business presents itself correctly and professionally could be the difference between a customer choosing you over a major competitor. That difference could be Shirtstream’s Corporate Cleaning Service.

Looking your best at all times is important to all businesses, no more so than retail and the leisure and tourism industries ranging from restaurants, hotels, health clubs, beauty salons and retail outlets. All of the businesses are in abundance across central London and are in highly competitive environments.

Our Corporate Cleaning service is an amalgamation of our other individual cleaning services brought together to give you a complete package. The corporate dry cleaning ranges from table and bed linen through to uniforms, shirts and suits.

We are able to have a permanent presence in your offices which can either be manned or unmanned allowing your staff to drop off and collect their items on their way to and from the office. Our aim is to make it convenient for you and your employees to experience our services and provide you with the very best cleaning service.

Our team of tailors are also on hand to carry out any running repairs and alterations to your garments to ensure they are in full working order.
The Corporate Cleaning Service is built with a focus on your business making that all important first impression.