Our Office Manager Service for your business is designed for ease of use for your employees in order to provide you with a market leading service helping you achieve better results.

This a simple and effective way of allowing your employees to get their laundry and dry cleaning done within work without impacting on your business activities. We pride ourselves on ensuring this service is delivered exactly how you want it and works best for you. For this reason, we are able to offer a fixed presence within your company which can either be manned or unmanned.

Having a permanent presence within your offices, not just in the office building but within your office space allows Shirtstream to offer a dedicated, personalised service. This is all geared towards ease of use for our customers. Having the Office Manager situated on site reduces the time and effort for employees resulting in a more productive use of time. As well as this, staff would be more inclined to use the service due its location at their work place.

If you require the Office Manager position to be staffed we are able to facilitate this for you. Our staff can be on hand to aid you with arranging drop off and collection of their dry cleaning, shirts and laundry. If you require any assistance with alterations or tailoring our staff will be able to take care of all of your issues.

Having the Office Manager Service within your offices can make the difference in the world of business. Then having Shirtstreams’ Office Manager stationed within your business just makes good business sense.