Washing and ironing have to be the top two most hated tasks in the household, yet are probably the top two when ranking the most important. Ensuring that you are dressed and presented correctly is essential; therefore the need for quality cleaning is paramount.

Doing the laundry can be very time consuming and rather dull yet has to be completed on a daily basis. Do you really want to be spending your evenings, weekends and any spare time that you have stood over an ironing board?

At Shirtstream we can help you cross the laundry task off your chores list. We provide market leading dry cleaning services at market leading prices.

As we service central and west London, don’t even have to spend time dropping it off or remembering to pick it up from one of our stores. Our collections and delivery service can help you solve that one and fit in with your schedule and location.

Our dry cleaning service covers all items of your wardrobe; all of your work wear, casual attire and everyday items can be cleaned to a high quality and delivered to your door within 48 hours.

With our team of experienced personnel and up-to-date cleaning technologies, there is no dry cleaning task too big or too small.

All of your bookings and delivery arrangements can be made through our website. You can also set up a regular collection and delivery that will run automatically saving you the hassle of making arrangements every time you require your laundry to be cleaned.

Try out our services with our £10 off your first order voucher and experience the feeling of not having to do your washing and ironing.