The stalwart and necessity of autumn and winter fashion is the winter coat. Each season fashion houses bring out a new range of designs to shield you from the unpleasant weather conditions but more importantly make the desired impression on the fashion front.

The message from the high street is to invest in a quality coast as the temperatures drop. But what is wrong with the one you already have? Instead of purchasing a new winter coat why not have it dry cleaned?


At Shirtstream our services are not a basic cleaning process, we are able to restore the quality of your coat to near new condition removing all marks and stains from last year. A thorough clean allows you to preserve the quality of your garment in order to prolong its lifespan therefore improving your value for money. This is compared to making that yearly pilgrimage around the streets of London in search of one of your most expensive annual purchases.

Not only can our services help you to save money yet still look your best, we can save you a lot of time. As we all know time is of the essence when trying to keep a pace with London life. Having your winter coat dry cleaned and delivered back to you save hours pounding the streets pondering which purchase to make. Also, who’s to say that you will be entirely happy with your selection? Isn’t it safer to stay with your current coast and just give it a little TLC this year with Shirtstream?