With 20 Fenchurch Street being the latest marquee addition to the London skyline, where better to open our new store. Being in the heart of the city in the bustling business district is where we want to be, our store will be opposite the Walkie Talkie.

Our services are tailored for those city professionals who need to be impeccably dressed all of the time, yet with a hectic schedule lack sufficient time to tend their clothes properly. The positioning of our new store is aimed at convenience, easy access in relation to the office to and from work making it ideal to drop off and collect your laundry.


What’s more, why not drop off you shirts, dresses and work wear on your morning commute and arrange for your laundry to be dropped at your home address as part of our collection and delivery service which is free of charge.

Shirtstream have been serving London since 1990 providing a quality dry cleaning service, we cater for all of your cleaning requirements. We pride ourselves on our shirt service and tailoring and alteration service, both are perfectly suited for the city.

Our shirt service is the finest London has to offer, perfected over several decades paying specific detail all areas of your shirt, Cuffs and collars are treated first followed by treatment for stains. Starching is a key element of a shirt, we offer three levels of starch or you may decide on no starch. All shirts are inspected to our high quality standards and are hand finished before being packaged and returned. There is also an Executive Shirt service that we offer both services are tailored for your business or casual shirts.

If you are based in the Walkie Talkie or in the vicinity of 20 Fenchurch Street, look out for our soon to be open store. Pay us a visit to see what we can do for you and your garments.