Wedding Dresses and Specialist Garments, We Cater for all of Your Cleaning Needs

You spend of that time, effort and money arranging that big day and, most importantly, the wedding dress!

To the bride the wedding dress means everything to her on her day that will shape her life to come. So when that day finally arrives and she looks fantastic, what happens to the wedding afterwards? After all it is a dress for that one special day.

Keeping the wedding dress as a memento of the special occasion is the done thing, along with the photographs, presents, honeymoon and of course the marriage itself.

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Treat your Shirts to the Executive Service

If you have a keen interest in your clothing and presentation then you only want the best service when they are being cleaned.

All of our services are market leading in London with over twenty years experience but then our Executive Service takes it to another level.

The Executive Service is perfect if you require a suit, ball gown or something for that special occasion looking the best it could possibly be.

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How do you like your Shirts?

For business or pleasure looking your best is top of the agenda and a shirt in pristine condition can make or break a look.

Taking great care in the cleaning of your shirts is essential to completing any look whether that be in the office or of a weekend. All good shirts deserve the very best attention.

We offer our shirt service and an executive service to go that extra mile.

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