Suede & Leather Cleaning

From the days of James Dean and a young Marlon Brando, suede and leather has been worn as a style statement by both men and women. But these fabulous materials are also hard wearing, practical and timeless. All the more reason to carefully look after them.

So, try to avoid stains from body oil, for example on the collar; if your garment should get wet, make sure it dries naturally before putting it away and this will prevent mildew, which is hard to remove and can ruin an otherwise pristine item. Leather breathes, so store your garment in a cotton cover rather than plastic. And above all, if there is staining take your suede and leather to a reputable and experienced cleaner.

Suede cleaning / Leather cleaning has to be carefully handled. Suede & leather have natural oils, if not taken proper care of while cleaning, it can harm their texture. Our technicians take careful measures to retain the original state of your suede and leather during cleaning.

Shirtstream knows the problems inherent in cleaning suede and leather – The dyes in leather running and fading the material; the danger in cleaning part of the garment leaving a two-tone effect; the pre-stretched leather becoming relaxed; the best matching of skins to make a garment still having some variation of weight and texture.

We carefully clean to the highest standards and then alleviating any of the symptoms above by treating the garment to restore colour, suppleness, oils and nap to as near the original condition as possible.

Please download, print and complete the Consent Form for suede and leather garments. Please include the form with your collection.